aboutIt all started when I created my wedding and sister’s baby shower invitations. The positive response from the cards was so overwhelming. I had several friends and family ask if I could create invitations for their events.

I knew the next step was to open my cards up to a larger audience. In May 2009, I started selling invitations on Etsy & created invitationsbyruth.com as a blog & a way to feature some of my invitation work. With the help of my husband, by the end of 2009 invitationsbyruth.com went through a major overhaul & we started selling my invitations directly on this site.

Since our modest beginnings, we’ve put some major work into the website & incorporated as an LLC. Although we have a few corporate letters to our name, you can expect personal one-on-one service. We won’t stand for anything less.

Feel free to look around my shop. I have pre-printed and customization options available. I can change most colors and the text on all my items. Please feel free to use the contact form if you have questions.